The Top 5 Spring To-Do’s for Your Car

Spring Car Care Chapel HillAs the weather gets warmer and the pollen fades, it’s clear we’re officially in full-blown spring here in Chapel Hill. With spring often comes a lot of cleaning and refreshing of all those things that were left neglected during winter, particularly your house and yard. There’s one thing you should make sure gets priority on your spring to-do list, though, and it’s sitting in your driveway. Your vehicle goes through a lot during winter: snow and ice, road salt buildup, heating being ran at full blast, leaf collection, and general lack of care considering no one wants to get outside in the cold to give their car some TLC unless they absolutely have to.

So now that nice weather is here, what should you do to give your car the reboot it needs to perform well this summer on those weekend trips to the beach? Obviously a good inside and out cleaning and all-over check are necessary, but we’ve got the top five car-care musts that many car owners forget about.

Improve Your Car’s Summer Longevity with These 5 Spring Musts

  1. Check and maybe even change your oil and all filters. If your vehicle has logged more than 5,000 miles since its last oil change, you’re due, and this one isn’t something to take lightly, since clean oil is necessary for your engine’s performance. It’s also important at this time to make sure your filters are in good working condition with no damage or clogging.
  2. Inspect your tires. Winter roads aren’t kind to tires, potentially causing wear and tear to tire tread and overall surface. Give them a good look over for any damage, and test your tire pressure to make sure there’s no over-inflation that occurred when the weather was colder.
  3. Test your battery. Cold weather isn’t a friend to your battery, as you may have figured out if you came out one morning to find your car wouldn’t start. Check to make sure your battery is clean and properly mounted, and replace it if it’s over five years old.
  4. Top off your fluids. No one wants to stand outside looking under their hood in the winter, so it’s likely your fluids have been a little neglected. Check your power steering, brake, and transmission fluids, as well as your windshield washer fluid and coolant.
  5. Check your AC. Your air conditioning probably hasn’t been used in a few months. Test it out to detect any issues before the really hot weather comes and you’re left sweating on the way to the nearest auto center.

If your vehicle is in need of ac repair, an oil change, or any other service to get it ready for spring and summer, give us a call at Auto Pro to Call in Chapel Hill. Our expert team can take care of your vehicle’s specific requirements and get you in and out quickly and hassle-free. Schedule an appointment easily online, and we’ll be in touch with you right away!