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Brake Services Expert Brake System Repair & Replacement

While most of us don’t give them a lot of thought, your car’s brakes are actually one of its most important safety features. We tend to take our brakes for granted—until there’s an issue and they stop working correctly. If you’re driving your car and realize your brakes are grinding, squeaking, feeling soft or spongy, forcing you to push the brake pedal all the way to the floor, or showing an ABS warning light on your dash, you have a problem. Driving with a broken braking system is incredibly unsafe! Just bring you car to Auto Pro to Call in Chapel Hill, and we’ll handle all of your brake service needs. Just fill out the form to the right to get started with your brake repairs immediately.

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Expert Brake Inspection
From Our Experienced Brake Service Technicians

Auto Pro to Call, located at 1809 N. Fordham Boulevard in Chapel Hill, NC, features an experienced team of certified technicians. We understand exactly how to assess any vehicle’s brakes to find an issue. Potential problems with your braking system can include worn pads, warped rotors, failed hydraulic systems, and others. If you think there’s something wrong with your brakes, don’t delay. Bring your car over to our shop, and we’ll look it over for you. If our experts find an issue with your braking system, we’ll carefully walk you through your best options for fixing the problems within your budget. Then, our team will tackle your brake repair job fast.

Chapel Hill’s Brake Repair Leaders
Auto Pro to Call will have your car stopping hard in no time

If your vehicle’s braking system is not working as it should be, Auto Pro to Call is your prime source for brake repair in Chapel Hill, NC. We have a team of experienced ASE Master Certified Technicians that just can’t be matched in our area in terms of expertise, friendliness, and willingness to explain everything to all of our customers. Many brake maintenance and repair tasks can be performed while you wait in our comfortable, climate-controlled waiting area with free Wi-Fi. These include things like brake pad replacement, brake rotor replacement, and other similar jobs. With the more involved brake repairs that will take more than a few hours, like master cylinder replacement, we can help you arrange transportation with our free shuttle service, loaner cars, or scheduled pickups and deliveries. Having your car’s brakes fixed has never been more convenient!

Don’t Take Your Brakes for Granted
Driving with bad brakes puts you & those around you in danger

Some people might continue to drive their car even after noticing a problem with their brakes. Maybe an “ABS” warning light is flashing at you and you choose to ignore it. Perhaps you only feed a vibration or hear a noise when you brake at very high speeds and not when you’re driving around town. Or, maybe your brake pedal is feeling softer or spongier, but it just doesn’t seem like a big deal. Don’t delay! We can’t stress enough how important it is for your to bring your car to Auto Pro to Call at the very first sign of trouble with your brakes. Failure to repair your brakes immediately will put you, your family, and everyone else on the road in danger! We make it easy and convenient to fix your brakes for your safety and peace-of-mind.

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How Do Brakes Work?
A basic guide to your car's braking system

We all know that your car’s brakes are responsible for slowing it down and stopping. But, many people don’t know a lot more than that or understand how a car’s braking system works. All vehicles on the road these days use a similar braking system, with hydraulics translating your foot’s force on your brake pedal into stopping power in the form of friction. Each wheel has its own disc or drum brake. Discs create friction by using that hydraulic force to press a brake pad into a spinning disc to slow it down. Drum brakes involve pushing a brake shoe into a spinning drum to cause the friction needed for stopping. Your car also has an “anti-lock braking system”, or ABS, involving a computer that won’t let you brake hard enough to skid, lose control, or slide into the car in front of you. All of these systems must be working properly together to ensure you’re able to bring a vehicle weighing as much as 2 or 3 tons to a stop reliably.


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