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How often do you take a look at your car’s manual? It’s probably not that often. In fact, many people never look at it at all. However, your owner’s manual includes important information for how to properly take care of your vehicle to ensure its best performance and chance for longevity. Not following its recommendations for how to maintain your vehicle could mean you end up with a costly and inconvenient breakdown of parts. One thing every manual stresses is the need for regular oil changes, typically somewhere between every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Skipping oil changes means you’ll likely end up with engine issues, and your car will let you know it in a big way. At Auto Pro to Call in Chapel Hill, we make it easy and convenient to take care of this necessary need for your vehicle so you can avoid the unpleasant consequences down the road.

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Preventative Auto Maintenance
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The need for oil isn’t a foreign concept to most vehicle owners, yet many don’t realize just how important it is or what it’s responsible for. Oil is essentially the lifeblood of your car. Consider a person who frequently eats unhealthy food over a stretch of time. What’s going to happen? The person’s body will likely begin to wear down and at a more rapid pace than normal, and it won’t be able to energize the person as it should. The same works for your oil. It’s essentially what you feed your car. Keep it clean and full, and your car will be healthy. Neglect it, and your car will lose performance and life. Your manual likely stresses this as a top priority for preventative auto maintenance, but it’s up to you to see that it gets done regularly.

Protecting Your Engine
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If oil is like your car’s lifeblood, you could say your engine is the heart. Your engine keeps your car running, but just like you, it needs regular care to function properly for the long haul. Oil has an important responsibility in the running of your engine. It’s the lubricant that keeps all the engine’s many moving parts greased and moving properly. Without proper lubrication, these parts wear down quickly, as does your engine. Oil also washes away the sludge and dirt particles that gather around your engine, potentially causing damage. That said, unless you want your engine to turn on you, keep it in good condition with the necessary amount of good, clean oil.

Improve Your Car’s Efficiency
Because your car can’t maintain itself

Your car isn’t self-maintaining. It depends on you to abide by your manual’s outline for prevention. When you keep your “healthy”, it will reward you with great performance and last for many years, even decades, without major issues. When you don’t see to its preventative maintenance needs like oil changes, you’ll pay the price, literally, with costly repairs and inconvenient breakdowns later. Having clean oil in your vehicle  not only protects your engine, it also improves gas mileage and prevents your vehicle from overheating, among other things. Changing your oil as recommended is the simplest, most affordable maintenance measure a driver can take to keep their vehicle working effectively and keep them on the road longer, and we at Auto Pro to Call can provide this service quickly and conveniently at our Chapel Hill location.


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Temperature changes can cause windshield chips to quickly become large cracks.

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