If You Think Halloween is Scary, Wait Til You Read These Auto Repair Nightmares

tire serviceNeglecting vehicles costs the economy upwards of $2 billion annually, but there are some even scarier things than losing money when it comes to car repair. In fact, there are some auto repair services horror stories that just might be as scary as your favorite spine-tingling horror film.

The Prius Without an Engine

A woman allegedly went to an auto repair expert because her Prius suddenly started driving poorly. The mechanic looked at it and quickly found the problem: she hadn’t gotten an oil change recently. When asked when she last had the oil changed, the woman replied “Never, the Prius doesn’t have a motor, so why would I do that?”

The Gas Vacuum

A North Carolina man went into a Volkswagen repair shop because he had been in an accident. After leaving the shop for a few hours, the man came back and asked to use a vacuum. Shortly after, the mechanic heard an explosion and found the man trying to siphon gas from his vehicle. Everything had been going well until the gas fumes hit the electric motors inside of the vacuum, causing an explosion.

When Will I Need to Fix This?

A woman brought her car into a repair shop because she noticed severe vibration and loud noises coming from one of her wheels. After finding several serious issues that rendered the car completely undriveable, the mechanic informed her the tire would need to be serviced immediately, before the car could drive again. After being told her car needed to be fixed before it left the shop, the woman asked “So when do you think I’ll have to fix it?” Unfortunately, she put up so much of a fight that the mechanic had to let her drive out without the tire services.

She didn’t even make it off the lot before the tire came off the car completely.

The Ghost Tire

Any driver’s worst nightmare is losing a tire while on the road. However, one man actually drove his car to work without ever realizing his tire was gone. When he called the mechanic to ask what was wrong with his car, they simply pointed out that one of his tires was completely missing. That was probably the last time he forgot to go in for tire services.

Moral of the story: always listen to the mechanic, and make sure you’re keeping up on your regular car maintenance.

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